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Namn: EastZone
Ras(er): Amerikansk staffordshire terrier
Valpar: Nej
Verksamhet: Uppfödning. Även avelshane finns.
Plats: Sverige, Stockholms län, Värmdö
Info: We will breed Amstaff with the first priority on there mind, to keep the Amstaff breed as close to be a family dog as possible. And to keep it as a good all-round dog that can work with their mind and body in the right. If you are looking for a friend for life, then you have come to the right kennel!

Namn: Petra Ljungberg
Adress: Omvägen
Postnr: 13941
Telefon: 070-4963247
Mobil: 070-4003497
E-post: Klicka här för att skicka mail till EastZone!

Informationen senast uppdaterad: 2011-07-08